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True biotic pen

The true biotic pen combines maximum sustainability with everlasting design and top-level ergonomics.

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  • Coral
  • Blue sky
  • Size

    Unique size

  • Production

    Made in Switzerland - LEARN MORE

  • Minimum order

    500 units

  • Lead time

    14 - 28 days

  • Product specificities

    - Composition: Natural polymers PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoates)
    - Certifications: TÜV Austria
    - Pen lead: 1mm or 1.4mm
    - Ink color: Blue or Black

  • Customization

    - Customization technique: Printing
    - Colors: any Pantone color
    - Customization area: Clip and body
    - Customization dimensions: Clip 36 x 7 mm, Body 36 x 5 mm

PHA is naturally synthesized by micro-organisms through fermentation of micro-organisms fed with renewable resources such as lipids or sugars. PHA is non-toxic, non-harmful, non-fossil, recyclable and biocompatible.