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Cork yoga block

With a smooth surface and edges, this cork yoga block allows you to open up your practice so that you can explore different variations of poses to suit your body.

From 12.00€

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  • Sizes

    S, M and L

  • Production

    Made in Portugal - LEARN MORE

  • Minimum order

    - S: 72 units
    - M: 64 units
    - L: 60 units

  • Lead time

    21 days

  • Product specificities

    - Dimensions: S 227 x 120 x 65mm, M 227 x 120 x 75mm , L 227 x 150 x 100mm
    - Composition: 100% sustainably sourced cork

  • Customization

    - Customization technique: Laser engraving or inkjet printing
    - Customization location: Largest surface of the block
    - Maximum length area: 17 x 17 cm

Made from cork, a natural and antimicrobial material harvested from the Cork Oak trees without damaging them.