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Sometimes you have to disconnect to stay connected. Meet Stolp and break with the habit of always being connected, always distracted. Stolp is a beautifully designed encouragement to disconnect. Hide your phone in plain sight, be present and focus on what really matters.

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  • Laid Black
  • Serena Emerald
  • Pacific white
  • Production

    Made in China - LEARN MORE

  • Minimum order

    10 units

  • Lead time

    21 days

  • Customization

    - Customization: Logo on the bottom, custom color inside and personalized card inside

Close Stolp and choose between going fully offline with zero distractions or still being reachable. Simply by twisting the top 180° when fully closed.

    STOLP's mission is to bring more time well spent in the digital 'age of distraction' and enable improved digital habits in people's lives.