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  • Customised green promotional plant pencil - Merchery
  • Customised green promotional plant pencil - Merchery

Sprout pencil

Plants from pencils? That’s right – once you’ve finished with your Sprout pencil, plant it and watch it grow into fragrant herbs, luscious flowers or even fresh vegetables.

From $1.50

? Final price will depend on the quantity and level of customization.Request a quotation


  • Natural
  • Seeds

    Thyme, sunflower, basil, cherry tomato, chia, sage, coriander, daisy, carnation or forget-me-not

  • Production

    Made in Denmark - LEARN MORE

  • Minimum order

    500 units

  • Lead time

    21 days

  • Product specificities

    - Composition: 100% sustainable, using sustainably harvested wood, natural clay and graphite core

  • Customization

    - Customization: Engraving
    - Customization area: All around the pencil

Sustainable and certified wood, 100% natural, non-GMO seeds. Yep.