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Blog / Products — Mar 21, 2022,

What is stone paper? Zoom on Karst.

You may have noticed the specificity of our Karst notebook : stone paper. Want to figure out what it is? keep reading.

At Merchery, we are always looking for new ways to be more eco-friendly when curating merch, and stone paper is definitely one.

Basically, it’s waterproof and tear-resistant paper, made from stones, all trees are left untouched and no chemicals are added. Almost, that simple!

First produced in Taiwan, in the late 1990’s, stone paper is a sustainable answer to the many problems caused by tree paper.

Made of calcium carbonate - a natural and abundant material - and a touch of resin, this paper is completely recyclable. The process of making is, in itself, more eco-friendly than average paper: no water, no acids, no bleaches and no deforestation, simply heat and pressure applied to the calcium carbonate and resin.

To make their notebooks, Karst also use 100% recycled stones, using their scraps and endcuts.

Stone paper may not be bio-degradable but it’s photodegradable, meaning, if it’s exposed for a year and a half to sun, the paper will turn back to dust. But, as we’ve said, stone paper is recyclable, it can be turned back into calcium carbonate and used again to make more paper.

So, what do you say about a more durable and a more sustainable paper? Add to it that it’s even smoother than any other : perfect for all your writing, drawing or doodling. Why use trees when you can use stones ?

A corporate gift your employees will definitely like!

See below our selection of Karst notebooks. By the way, they're customizable with your logo, mantra, or whatever you like!