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Why Merchery?

The market of promotional products is made of smoke and mirrors. Haven’t we all walked out of an event with our hands full of useless, ugly promotional items?

And still, brands continue to buy and offer these ridiculous USB keys, cheap t-shirts or plastic pens. The market is growing and the costs are under pressure. This results in bad quality, poor attention to design and a total ignorance of the negative social and environmental externalities.

In 2019, we realized that this multi billion market was behaving exactly like the fashion industry. We decided to act, break the cycle and propose a selection of products that are as beautiful as sustainable. Less is more.

    Simon Polet Benoit Fortpied Merchery and Drink Big founders


    When diving into this industry, we realized how twisted it was. Most of the products are of bad quality, made in unknown conditions and imported in mass from Asia.

    In this race for lower costs, our competitors tend to neglect sourcing and end up offering cheap items that people will eventually throw away after a week.

    There is nothing sustainable about that and yet, our companies spend billions each year in promotional items.

    We believe that quality can win over quantity. And we thought that a better sourcing and transparency on where and how our products are made would bring back value to this short term game.

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      Eco friendly corporate gifts by Merchery

      Beauty as remedy

      Our strategy is simple: make products that people actually want.

      If our products are beautiful and of high quality, people will keep them. And if those items last, so will your brand.

      We want your brand to shine in real life for the longest.

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        Our Manifesto

        1. We always prioritize quality over quantity
        2. We source products people actually want
        3. We source products that last
        4. We put design at the core of our sourcing criteria
        5. We tend to be as transparent as possible. From the raw material used to where and how our products are manufactured.
        6. All our manufacturers follow our code of conduct
        7. For each product, we assess its carbon footprint
        8. We are aware that we are not perfect, but we will always strive to get better.